Redditch vs Rushall Olympic

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Redditch vs Rushall Olympic

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:27 am

Redditch United 2 - Rushall Olympic 1
1 Dean Coleman
2 Nicky Heath
3 Craig Milligan
4 Alex Hickman
5 Greg Ellard
6 Simon Fitter
7 Cameron Jones
8 Joe Adams
9 Robbie Ager
10 Joe Harris
11 Lei Brown

subs bench
12 Jake Bedford
14 David Blenkinsopp
15 Tom Warmer
16 Arron Garvey
17 Tyron Amory

Lei Brown Sent home a first half Penalty which was the only Goal First Half, Second Half Rushall equalised with a Penalty before Blenkinsopp Knocked one in at around the 80th minute whilst there keeper laid on the floor injured. The game was then stopped.
Still unbeaten but maybe not there yet.


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