Fingers at Bumsgrove!

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Re: Fingers at Bumsgrove!

Post  Redditchbluenose86 on Thu May 19, 2011 2:58 am

nevergreen wrote:I'm sure Andrew looks at the forum he is the font of non league knowledge afterall!!! come back fingers all is forgiven haha

One minor point tho and maybe I'm getting old Senile but there's nothing more annoying than clicking on a thread (hoping to find something interesting to read!) to only find 2/3 pages of pointless emotions. Kind of brings the forum down imo.

I did but a ban on smilies as they were being over used and it was getting cringeworthy!
However it caused uproar! They'd be fine if used in moderation.

And Fingers get yer arse back on here! Past is past you cheeky vimto swigger Wink

Have you heard?......

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Re: Fingers at Bumsgrove!

Post  Guest on Thu May 19, 2011 7:55 am

As leethal said it was just a bit of fun, Personally I thought the icons were a fun poke at Bromsgrove so not sure what the fuss was about.
Cant believe lager lout found that old pic, might dig them old speedo's out. Mind you my stomach's a bit bigger now so doubt I will look so good.
Got a pic in my mankini mate if you want that one as well? Scared Beer Cheers


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