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Post  del boy on Sat Sep 17, 2016 3:12 pm

Well.... it's been a long time since this forum has been active.

This forums demise has coincided with an increase in the popularity of Redditch Uniteds two Facebook groups. What's wrong with that...? Nothing per se. Facebook is an easy, convenient, cheap and highly effective way to promote the club. The club should continue to promote Redditch United through this channel.

But, I have noticed that at least two recent discussions on the facebook groups have been deleted because they contained criticism of the club. Yes, public criticism can be negative and detrimental to the club, so I understand why this has been done. But criticism can also be constructive and useful.

I have no idea who runs or moderates this forum. But this is our place to have an independent say on all things Redditch United. We need to use it or lose it....hopefully in a positive way. If we don't,  we'll be at the the mercy of the official & semi-official RUFC groups who will delete any conversion they don't like.
del boy
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Re: This forum

Post  Bob Marley on Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:57 pm

Social media? Good/Bad..who knows?

It's quick, efficient and easy to monitor...

I agree...the criticism (based on facts) is a opportunity to improve...I do feel that the circle of RUFC officials are a little too sensitive to opinions which is understandable, when you are volunteering and working for nothing...which most of the team do.

I do feel that the club officials are not united and that is a concern.

Bob Marley
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